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Description :
MinO-7, a unique combination of seven trace elements plays a major role on issues related to mineral deficiencies in camels.  The deficiency of essential minerals leads to anomalies in reproduction and growth in camels.  The trace minerals also play a major role in infections, sickness, issues with coat and hoof problems.

MinO-7, an organically bound essential trace element complex is the best bioavailable in its class compared to inorganic and chelate mineral complexes.

Benefits :

  •   Reduces issues related to reproductive performance.
  •   Prevents infections and sickness related to mineral deficiency.
  •   Maintains tissue integrity.
  •   Enhances growth.
  •   Improves bone strength.
  •   Improves immunity.

Composition :

  • Zinc proteinate
  • Copper proteinate
  • Manganese proteinate
  • Chromium proteinate
  • Selenium proteinate
  • Iodine
  • Cobalt proteinate

Presentation :
1kg and 5kg Poly containers. 
Bulk packing is available on request.

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