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Description :
IMPROLACT, which is rich in stigmasterol and other alkaloids from Leptadenia reticulate, Aspargus racemoses, Emblica officinalis, Eclipta alba and Phyllanthus niruri.

The phytomolecules stimulate the ovarian functions to enhance Lactogenesis leading to optimum lactation in dairy camels.

However, the optimum production of milk depends on the genetic potential of the dairy animal and the availability of nutrients and their utilization.  The enzymes and the yeast cells improve the rumen fermentation by helping the animal to digest the more important fibre and improve the total favourable microbial load in the rumen which will help the animal to produce better fat and protein content in the milk.
Stigmasterol is a phytosterol normally extracted from beans.  Leptadenia is a edible vegetable that is been consumed by humans for more than 5000 years in Asia.  In the West Coast of India, traditionally Leptadenia has been recommended for lactating women to improve milk production.  Innumerable tests and trials have been conducted and it has been proved that the extracts of Leptadenia can improve milk production.

IMPROLACT is a combination of essential nutrients which improves productivity in camels.

Benefits :

  •   Optimizes lactation.
  •   Improves percentage of milk fat.
  •   Healthy and productive animals.

Composition :
Phytonutrients fermented on grain mash media with activities of Live Yeast Culture and Cellulolytic Enzymes.

1kg and 5kg Poly containers. 
Bulk packing is available on request.

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