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Description :

RUMIAID is the yeast culture fermented on the media selected specially according to the camels diet with significant activities of cellulolytic enzymes.
RUMIAID helps to nurture the microbial population within the rumen.  RUMIAID also helps to optimize the digestibility of feed and optimize the availability of nutrients in the feed. 

RUMIAID which is rich in nutrients becomes the nutrients for growth of favourable rumen micro-organisms like fibre digestive cellulolytic bacteria.  The performance and health status of ruminants like camel mainly depend upon the rumen performance.  Microbial action in the rumen breaks down fibre, starch and proteins into absorbable nutrients.  These nutrients are used for growth, maintenance, production and reproduction.  Over all, RUMIAID improves the rumen health and prevents incidences of acidosis. 

Benefits :

  • Improves favarouble microbial population in the rumen.
  • Degrades fiber and optimizes digestibility in camels.
  • Increases efficiency of rumen fermentation, thus less wastage.
  • Improves overall productivity / performance.
  • Helps to prevent acidosis.
  • Improves growth and weight gain.

Live Yeast Culture : 5000 Billion CFU/gm with significant amount of Cellulolytic Enzymes and other nutrients.

1kg and 5kg Poly containers. 
Bulk packing is available on request.

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