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An innovative, antistress growth promoter for aquaculture

Description :
The success of aquaculture activities depends on comprehensive knowledge of biology, feed management and environmental management. Environment and stress are inter-related. With advancement in the aquaculture technology, the idea of reaping more biomass from less water spread area has come into existence.  The higher stocking density in aquaculture makes aquaculture species more prone to stress and in turn susceptible to opportunistic pathogens, which ultimately leads to under performance.

During stress conditions, immuno-modulators is the tool of choice.  Various immuno-modulators are being used in aquaculture.  

AQUAGAIN is developed to improve the immune response and accelerates the growth. Each of the unique ingredients in AQUAGAIN have been selected for their capabilities to address the common problems encountered in the aquaculture practices viz., stress, poor growth, imbalance in the gut microflora, etc.,

Nucleotides: Nucleotides play an important role in the maturation and normal function of Lymphocytes. Dietary nucleotides help to optimize growth and function of lymphocytes, macrophages and cells of intestine.

Many aquaculture species do not have specific immune system. They depend mostly on haemocytes for immune stimulation.  Haemocytic immune stimulation depends on the presence of nucleotides.  Haemocytes do not synthesize enough nucleotides specially when stressed and during disease.  Therefore, it is imperative to supplement dietary nucleotides continuously in the feed to overcome the immune deficiency. 

Mannan oligosaccharides:  The mannan oligosaccharides of the outer yeast cell wall is a class of sugar that yields mannose upon hydrolysis.  They may also occupy specific receptors of the pathogens (Mannose specific Type-1 fimbriae) and prevent them from attaching to the cells of the intestine; thereby preventing colonization and infection.  The attached pathogen are then excreted through the faecal material.  The mannan oligosaccharides can, in addition to their anti-pathogenic actions, stimulate the non-specific immune system, similar to the action of the other oligosaccharides-glucans.

Yeast: Dietary supplementation of yeast maintains healthy microflora in the gut.  It has positive effects on growth rate, weight gain and FCR.  The beneficial influence on growth may be attributed to high concentration of nucleic acid, mannan oligosaccharides, lactose and other cell wall components.  It also improves the non specific immune responses.

Benefits of AQUAGAIN: 

  • Improved growth.
  • Uniform growth.
  • Improved immune responses.
  • Improved feed palatability and binding quality.
  • Prevent stress.
  • Checks proliferation of pathogens.
  • Improved productivity.

Hydrolyzed Yeast

Presentation : 
10kg & 25kg Poly laminated Paper bag.

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