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Organic Immuno-stimulant for Shrimp

Zinc, Manganese, Iron & Copper proteinates
Minerals are constituents of enzyme complexes.  They regulate permeability of cell membrane; osmotic pressure and liquid balance between intra and extra cellular compartments; contraction of muscles and acid base equilibrium. Mineral proteinates are produced by combining hydrolyzed peptides or aminoacids with inorganic minerals like Zinc, Manganese, Iron & Copper.  Inorganic minerals interact with other minerals and become fully or partially unavailable for absorption.  Whereas, mineral proteinates are fully available in desired volumes to carry out the biological functions of animals.  The mineral proteinates have the following effects in animal metabolism.


Increased availability of biologically active minerals.
Increased net retention of absorbed minerals.
Optimum utilization of absorbed minerals and reduced excretions.

Benefits :

  • Stimulates immunity.
  • Prevents proliferation of harmful microbes.
  • Improves resistance to viral diseases such as white spot disease.
  • Reduce stress related production loss.
  • Prevents oxidation damages.
  • Improves carcass quality

Composition :

  • Zinc proteinate
  • Manganese proteinate
  • Iron proteinate
  • Copper proteinate

Note: Customised mineral proteinates in different combinations is availiable upon  
Presentation :
1Kg Polycontainers
10kg  Poly Laminated Paper Bags.

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