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Nucleotides-Mannoglucans-Enzymes feed supplement

The high stocking density in Aquaculture production leads to stress. Stress is one of the major causes for under performance of Aquaculture. Prevent stress & Optimize performance with  NUCLEOSAC.

Actions of Constituents 
NUCLEOTIDES :  Recent research suggests that nucleotides can become critical when the animal is under stress such as in sickness, or injury or during infancy and growth spurts. They also may be part of a solution to reduce the effects of devastating viral diseases in Shrimp.

OLIGOSACCHARIDES:  These compounds have properties such as immunomodulation, unbinding of bacterial pathogens and binding of mycotoxins.

ENZYMES:  Improves digestibility of feed ingredients; availability and absorption of nutrients.

Benefits :

  • Prevents stress & Optimize performance.
  • Promotes growth.
  • Enhance feed palatability and binding quality.

Composition :

  • Hydrolyzed yeast with nucleotides
  • Oligosaccharides
  • Enzymes rich fermentation metabolites.                  

Presentation :
10kg  Poly laminated Paper bag.

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