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Phytobiotic Aquaculture feed additive with Mannoglucan 

GUTGUARD  is composed of plant extracts and oils.

GUTGUARD optimizes secretion of digestive juices for enhanced feed digestion and nutrients utilization.

GUTGUARD reduces nitrogen excretion and thereby reduces pond contamination.

GUTGUARD binds ammonia and other toxic metabolites and neutralizes harmful effects. As a result the ammonia and other noxious gases in the pond is reduced to considerable levels.

Beneficial effects of GUTGUARD :

  • Reduces ammonia formation in the gut
  • Binds mycotoxins
  • Enhances immunity by enhanced activity of  haemocytes
  • Checks proliferation of pathogens
  • Maintains favourable microbial population
  • Enhances nutrients utilization

Constituents :
Bioflavonoids, Natural Vitamin-C and Yeast mannoglucans                   

Presentation :
1kg container  
10kg  Poly laminated Paper bag. 

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