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Mannoglucans oligosaccharides
Mannoglucans oligosaccharides from yeast cell wall are immunomodulators and anti-gut-pathogenic agents. They are known for their ability to enhance cellular immunity by stimulating the production and movements of phagocytes.
They also prevent multiplication of bacteria in the gut by capturing hostile gut-wall-attacking bacteria by blocking the bacterial molecular structure and carrying them outside.

Nucleotides are fundamental or basic structural units of DNA & RNA. Normally cells can synthesize both DNA & RNA but requires time & energy. But by supplementing the cells of important organs with the constituents of DNA & RNA they can be more rapidly renewed and with lower energy requirements. Their functions are therefore optimized.


Growth Promoter-Immunostimulant Equine Nutritional Supplement


  • Repairs and restores damaged/injured cells.
  • Restores & build cells of liver & intestinal villi.
  • Fastens growth rate.
  • Enhances production of antibodies (SigA).
  • Optimizes growth and functions of immune system.


For gestating & lactating mares, New born horses, 
Growing horses and Horses on active duty.


1kg Polycontainer.
Bulk packing available on request.

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