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Selenium is a trace mineral that is an essential component of a selenium dependent enzyme called glutathione peroxidase (GSH Px). This enzyme acid in the detoxification of lipo- and hydrogen peroxides that are toxic to cell membranes. These are chemicals produced during normal  oxidative metabolism where free oxygen must be bound to prevent it from damaging cell components. Also free oxygen can form free radicals as they are called when the immune system causes cells involved in mounting an immune response to produce free radicals to destroy invading organisms or to clean up damaged tissues during an inflammatory response. These factors are often referred to as reactive oxidant species (ROA). Even cancer is considered to be caused in some cases by these factors because they damage DNA and other cell components.  

Selenium acts in the cell itself in the role while vitamin-E acts in a similar role within the cell membrane. Vitamin-E being a fat soluble vitamin can locate within the cell wall which is a lipo protein membrane. Therefore,  together they have a major role in cell health and function but one cannot actually substitute for the other.

Selenium has another role as a factor allowing control of thyroid metabolism. The deiodinating enzyme which produces most of the circulating T3 or active form of thyroid hormone from T4 is type 1 iodothyronine 5-deiodinase is a seleno enzyme.
Therefore, selenium is a very important trace mineral and failure to provide it can result in tissue damage. This is manifested as white muscle disease in skeletal and heart muscle. The muscle gets streaks of white because of the white scar tissue present where healthy muscle fibers used to be. It also plays a role in reducing excessive inflammatory response including problems as diverse as osteoarthritis and recurrent airway obstruction (RAO or heaves). It is uncertain if exercise substantially increases this oxygen damage, but it seems wise to make sure ample Selenium and Vitamin-E is available for exercising horses.

SELENOSAC-E  protects horses from oxidation damages and prevents damages of cell membranes.

SELENOSAC-E improves immunity against infections.

SELENOSAC-E protects horses from exudative diathesis and muscular distrophy. 


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