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Many animal diseases can be prevented by proper supplementation of trace minerals provided these trace minerals are properly absorbed and retained in the tissues.

Trace minerals are important components to prevent stress in Horses.  CHROMISAC-GTF improves utilization and retention of minerals and thereby prevents stress in Horses.

Inorganic trace minerals are not retained in the tissues by the animal.  CHROMISAC-GTF helps the animal to retain the essential trace minerals and prevent diseases related to trace mineral deficiencies.

CHROMISAC-GTF helps to improve intake & absorption and retention of trace minerals like Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese and other micronutrients, thereby reducing the excertion of these nutrients effectively.

Chromium in association with insulin improves carbohydrates metabolism and allows absorption of other trace minerals.

CHROMISAC-GTF is designed to improve metabolic functions in Horses.  Chromium yeast - niacinamide complex is more bioavailable than inorganic chromium and chromium chelates.


  •     Improves carbohydrates metabolism in growing horses and racing horses.
  •     Optimizes performances in racing horses.
  •     Reduces stress of racing horses.
  •     Enhances immunity.
  •     Reduces cortisol level in the plasma.
  •     Helps to build better muscle structure & muscle mass.
  •     Enhances utilization of high energy diets.

Composition :  
Active chromium

Presentation :
250gm Polycontainer.

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