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A  Natural & Innovative Growth Promoter

Cattle fattening has gained prominence as an important business project of the livestock industry.  It gives the farmers year-round work and provides them with extra income. Fattening of the beef cattle depends on the diet, age, breed, etc.
High performance in beef cattle fattening is a key for quality beef meat. Enhanced profitability of many animal production units is dependent upon optimum gain and efficient feed conversion. Feed conversion is not only the relationship between the amount of feed consumed and weight gain but also the full absorption of nutrients. Hence, in addition to the quality of the feed provided, it is important to ensure healthy Rumen for digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

GROWPRO should be supplemented into beef cattle fattening diets in order to improve metabolic performance, stimulate the immune system, control digestion and thus, produce the best beef meat.


A biotechnologically engineered 
natural nutritional supplement 
for beef cattle to obtain maximum 
performance in fattening.

General Effects :

  •     Improved rumen microbial growth & cellulose digestion
  •     Improved metabolic performance
  •     Improved utilization of nutrients               
  •     Improved body weight
  •     Improved immunity
  •    Reduces stress    
  •    High quality lean beef meat

Composition :

  • Natural growth promoters
  • Organic trace mineral complex
  • Direct fed microbials
  • Selected phytomolecules
  • Natural volatile fatty acids

10kg & 25kg Poly Laminated Paper Bags

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