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A highly biologically active Copper-Zinc-Yeast complex nutritional supplement to protect cows from mastitis.

Subclinical mastitis in the cow is the inflammation of the udder involving the secreting cells of the mammary glands or their connective tissues or both.
Keratin is the substance that makes the lining of teat-end opening. The keratin lining entraps and destroys mastitis causing bacteria.

Prevent mastitis 
and its economic losses


Benefits :

  •     Helps formation of keratin lining.
  •     Reduces somatic cell counts.
  •     Reduces lactate hydrogenase activity.
  •     Optimizes milk production.

Composition :
Organic zinc
Organic copper
Live yeast culture
Trisodium citrate

250gms pouches and 
10kg Poly Laminated Paper Bags.

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