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Ruminant specific double strain yeast culture to improve and sustain favourable ruminal microbial population and ruminal health

Benefits :

  • Stabilizes rumen pH (Low rumen pH decreases growth of ruminal bacteria).
  • Reduces rumen ammonia levels (Yeast cells utilize ammonia for survival and thereby reduce ammonia levels in the rumen by 25%).
  • Enhances ruminal favourable bacterial population.
  • Enhances growth and weight gain in beef  cattle.
  • Improves cellulolytic enzymatic efficiency of rumen microbes.
  • Increases growth of selenomonas ruminantium and Streptococcus bovis.
  • Increases milk production & protein, lactose and fat levels in the milk.
  • Enhances feed palatability.
  • Enhances protein, lactose and fat level in the milk.
  • Reduces stress

Composition :
Live yeast cells and the fermentation metabolites  of high nutritional value 
Total viable count : 5x109/gm

100gm & 1kg pouches and 
10kg & 25kg Poly Laminated Paper Bags.

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